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How to Do the Row Like a Boat in Reggae Dancehall

Learn how to do the row like a boat in reggae dancehall from the founders of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


A: Right now Damien's going to demonstrate how to do the Row the Boat. So with the Row the Boat, you start with the legs. So you're going to twist. Twist the leg and the feet and if you could stay on your toes and twist that would be really good. Then we're going to add the arms and with the arms it's like you have a paddle and you're moving. Moving that boat with a paddle. All right? Then you're going to add a jump to it. Now jump, row the boat, jump, row the boat. So you stand, and you're on the ocean and you're rowing that little boat.

Damien: All right, now all together.

A: So where'd the Row the Boat come from Damien, huh? Row the Boat?

Damien: Row the Boat basically is a dance where, some think it's a fun dance for immigrants because they are always making fun of Jamaicans saying that they came over on boats so they just made a dance out of it like it's no biggie. Row like a boat.

A: When you're rowing the boat, you come up when you hop, you come up on your toes. Row the Boat. Come up on your toes. Come up on your toes. You can go to the side. Add some style to it. Turn around. Have fun with it. Bring it low. Keep rowing.

Damien: Add the double paddles. Double paddles. Row, row.

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