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How to Do the Zip It UP in Reggae Dancehall

Learn how to do the zip it UP in reggae dancehall from the founders of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


All right, this one is called a Zip It UP. Here. And basically, this dance move it has a lot of double meaning. You know what I mean? Double meaning being, one, someone talking too much, you can tell them "zip it up." Alight, time to come to our closure, you know what I mean? Or set yourself up to do something good, you know what I mean?

So right now, Damien is going to demonstrate how to do the Zip It UP. With the Zip It UP, we're going to start with the feet. So it's tap, tap and double and tap, tap, double. Then, he's going to extend the arms up, Zip It UP and now, Zip It UP, now. There you go. Zip It UP.

Side to side, side to side.

Move side to side with it.

Move your hips, move your hips.

Shoulders, extend the arms up. And add the feet, get the foot movement down. And bring it back, bring it back, bring it back. There you go, Zip It Up. So go with it, Zip It Up. Just have fun with it. Dance Hall is all about having fun. Big movements, exaggerated.

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