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How to Do the Clean Sweep in Reggae Dancehall

Learn how to do the clean sweep in reggae dancehall from the founders of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


Adena: Right now we're going to bring to you another fun dance combo. We call it the Clean Sweep. The Clean Sweep is an upgraded version of the (??). So we have Slim Sexy here and Damien demonstrating the Clean Sweep. What you do first, you're going to start out with the legs and with your legs you're going to extend your legs, the right and left leg in a half circular motion. So what they're doing is extending the leg in a half circular motion. Then you're going to bring it up and add the arms to it so with the arms you're going to be moving it back and forth. You're going to swing the arms back and forth real fast. And with the hips you're just going to lean right to left. Just keep rocking right to left. So everything is moving at the same time. You've got your arms moving, your legs moving as well as your torso so everything is moving at the same time.

Damien: As Adena said it's a more upgraded version of. It's like an added step and a more simplified step.

Adena: Rotate the legs. You're going to be on your tip toe and you're moving in a half circular motion. So sweep. So you're sweeping the floor with your tip toe in a half circle. Sweep. Sweep the floor with your tip toe. Sweep. Extend the leg out. Add the arms. Rotate the arms. Rotate from left to right. Swing the arms.

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