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How to Do the Jerry Springer in Reggae Dancehall

Learn how to do the Jerry Springer in reggae dancehall from the founders of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics in this Howcast dance video.


So, the next dance hall move that we're gonna do is called the Jerry Springer. So, Damian's gonna demonstrate to you how to do the Jerry Springer. And basically, the Jerry Springer, you use all parts of your body. So, you're moving your legs, your arms and also remember to, you're ticking the waist. So, it's tic, tic. So, we're gonna start with the legs first. So, it's right leg, left, right, left . Add the hips and tic with it. Tic, tic, tic. Now, we're gonna move up and add the arms. So, with the arms, you're like, punching. You're fighting, fighting. So, you see with everything, he has the arms, he got the waist going, ticking and the legs. Jerry Springer. Walk up with it. Jerry Springer. All right. The reason why this dance is called the Jerry Springer, you know back in the 90's, Jerry Springer was one of the most popular shows on TV back in Jamaica. And with Jamaica, anything that's popular in pop culture, we always have a dance move for it. We are synonymous for that. You know what I mean? So you know, in the Jerry Springer, every one is always fighting. It's always fighting and girls quarreling and dudes quarreling with each other. So, that's where the arm movement came. It's kind of like, punch. Punch. Then you walk forward. Jerry Springer. Extend those arms. Wide movements. Accentuate the movements. Make the movements look big. Bigger.

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