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How to Dance to Reggae Dancehall with Dancehall Aerobics

Learn about Adina and Damion of Str8FramYaad Dancehall Aerobics, two of Howcast's reggae dancehall experts, in this video.


Speaker 1: I'm Damion Dice AKA Pink Blink representing Promoter Block Blingers

Speaker 2: I'm Adina the creator of Adina Tek Di Dance Floor Jamaican Dancehall Aerobics. A fun new workout, everybody can do it, from old to young the dance steps are broken down. You are working out and toning up the muscles working the legs and arms. After you are finished with dancehall aerobics trust me you are going to come out looking good. You can hit the clubs up with the latest dance hall moves and look good too. I'm a health freak and I like to stay in shape. I'm not big into the treadmill or anything like that. I love to dance so this was perfect for me to add dancehall dance and put it into fitness form. That is why dancehall aerobics came into part because I love fitness and I like to dance and I like to keep moving. Dancehall aerobics is the perfect workout for me.

Speaker 1: Well for me dancing is a mission and not a competition. I always try to bring the mission of change to let as much people, that's what gets me happy, to get as much people involved in dancehall dancing as I possibly can. Dancehall aerobics is for us to provide a venue for people who are interested in learning authentic dance hall moves. Lovely Adina breaks it down in a nice aerobic 1-2 step.

Speaker 2: I add a more fitness form to it with dancehall aerobics so you are dancing, having fun working out an sweating.

Speaker 1: The tracks that you are listening to today were produced by your's truly Damion Dice. If you are interested in some more dancehall music, hit me up and I will definately hook you up.

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