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What Is Whiskey?

Learn what whiskey is from the experts at NYC's Rye House in this Howcast video.


What is whiskey? Whiskey is simple, whiskey is brown. It's your classic brown spirit. It's a liquor derived from cereal grains. Things like barley, corn, wheat, rye. Generally comes out at about 40 percent of alcohol by volume, which is 80 proof American. It's a very accessible liquor for people who are looking to get into something a little more interesting than your classic vodka soda. I mean that, that in essence is your introduction to whiskey. As far as brands of whiskeys go you have a wide variety depending on your price point, your level of connoisseurship. Everything from dirt cheap, just brown liquor, all the way up through very expensive scotches, blends, and single malts.

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