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What Is Scotch?

Learn what scotch is from the experts at NYC's Rye House in this Howcast video.


What is scotch? Scotch is a specific kind of whiskey. It's made from barley. It's made in Scotland. Single malt is blended. It's a little more complex than bourbon or rye whiskeys. It has a little bit more of the (?) expression. Which is, say, where it comes from. Where it's made in Scotland, and how it's made, is gonna affect the end of the flavor much more than a lot of other processes will. It's a bit like the fine wine of whiskey. It has a lot of subtlety to it. Or it can be blended doers and just taste like scotch. It's a little more layered, a little more complex. It definitely has its aficionados and can command the slightly higher prices that a lot of American whiskeys can. Scotch is a lovely beverage and there's nothing you'd rather have on a nice chilly night, or if you're hanging out with red heads. And that's your simple guide to scotch.

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