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What's a Good Whiskey for a Beginner?

Learn about some good types of whiskey for beginner whiskey drinkers from the experts at NYC's Rye House in this Howcast video.


Whiskey for beginners. I mean people who are just starting with whiskey. I don't mean, you know, how you start your night which is, usually, something big, flavorful, overproof. Work your way down to White Lightning in the back of a guy's pick up truck going down the highway. So, you want something that's going to be a lot more approachable. You have more notes of the caramel and vanilla from the barrel. Something that's going to be a little sweeter. Maker's Mark, which I started drinking in high school, has a lot of wheat as its flavor grain. It's softer, sweeter. It's a lot easier. Four Roses, absolutely classic, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Four Roses makes an incredibly approachable, very, very easy drinker. Jim Beam where we used to go by the handle in college. My life has a history of alcohol. It's either a book I'm going to write or what you're going to write on my tombstone. There's a lot of ways you can get in, but, you know, ask your bartender. It never hurts. You know, I want to see somebody try new things and I will give them something that's going to be soft. It's not going to hurt. So, you can start a lot of different places, but that's a good place to start for whiskey for beginners.

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