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What Is American Whiskey?

Learn about American whiskey from the experts at NYC's Rye House in this Howcast video.


So, American whiskey is, very simply, whiskey made in America. America, however, has the most vibrant and most interesting whiskey scene, I think, of pretty much anywhere in the world right now because we have a stronger tradition of making rye whiskey. We have bourbon, which is exclusively made in America. And we have a lot of, you know, interesting upstarts and smaller distilleries. So, we make rye. We make Tennessee Whiskey, which is also a classification, like bourbon, but different. It involves charcoal filtering and it's not as strict on it's aging and bottling laws. And, of course, bourbon, big, classic American spirit, quintessential American product. So, American whiskey is, quite simply, whiskey that is American, but in a lot of ways whiskey is the classic American beverage. It has so much influence on our history, our economy, and our culture in a lot of ways. America really is a whiskey drinking nation and you should get involved with that. It's [expletive] delicious.

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