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What Is Wheat Whiskey?

Learn about wheat whiskey from the experts at NYC's Rye House in this Howcast video.


What is wheat whiskey? Wheat whiskey is whiskey made from wheat. It means it's 51% wheat in the mash bill and up, of course. Generally, American made. Wheat grows really well in the Midwest. So, you have a number of whiskeys, including Colorado-style whiskey, Tennessee whiskey sometimes will have very high wheat contents, and some bourbons actually use wheat as the major flavor. It lends itself to being fairly soft. It's sweeter than a lot of other whiskeys. It's a very easy drinking and very easy mixing liquor. Sometimes when you mix it, it can get a little lost because it has such a light and airy soft of flavor as opposed to rye's sharpness or bourbon's mellow, round character.

It's a style that's seen a resurgence in the last few years. More people are making it because wheat is heavily subsidized and is cheap to distill. Wheat whiskey, you know, it's an easy drinker, something you can probably sip neat or maybe put on ice a little bit, if you want something on a nice breezy day. Pictures of wheat fields, the bread basket of America, flowing in the background, and that's a few facts about wheat whiskey.

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