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How to Drink Whiskey

Learn how to drink whiskey from the experts at NYC's Rye House in this Howcast video.


Napoleon had a very pithy comment about champagne. "In victory, my troops deserve it. In defeat, they require it." Whiskey's basically the same thing. Except, take victory and defeat and replace it with today and yesterday.

You need whiskey. Whiskey loves you. Whiskey is meant to be drank. It is meant to be imbibed. It is mean to be the lubricant on an otherwise boring and quotidian lifestyle. Whiskey will be had because you read a good book. Whiskey will be had because you had a bad day. Whiskey is your friend. Whiskey loves you.

How do you drink whiskey? You drink it with your friends when you're going out. You're enjoying yourself. You're having a night on the town. You have a couple of cocktails. Maybe a shot or two. Keep the moment going. Enjoy that brief and fleeting moment that you will always be young. Or remember the times when you thought you would always be young.

Whiskey is for those moments when things are going pretty terrible. Frankly, life's a [beep] pile on fire. The only thing that's going to put it out is power a few quick drams.

Whiskey is for 14 hours days. Whiskey is because Sunday moves just the right pace when you're lubricating it nicely. You drink whiskey because not drinking whiskey is admitting that you're gluten intolerant. And frankly, you're better than that.

You drink whiskey because it's there. Because hollering at the top of your lungs to get a vodka soda. Yeah, you're not 18 anymore. That's a good thing. Maybe you are 18. Get off the Internet. Go do things.

How do you drink whiskey? Well, it's a very simple mechanic, if you thinks about it. Glass. Face. Liver. You drink whiskey because, frankly, a lot of love went into making this right here. And you want to show your appreciation for that fact. Whiskey is love. Love yourself.

That's how to drink whiskey.

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