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How to Make a Hot Toddy Cocktail

Learn how to make a whiskey hot toddy from the experts at NYC's Rye House in this Howcast video.


A Hot Toddy is very simply a mixture of hot water, whiskey, some lemon juice, some honey. I like to make mine a little wider. You know, do some interesting things with it.

So you start with your tins. You need whiskey, first off. Bourbon, rye, scotch. Whatever you have on hand works perfectly. I myself am a bourbon man. That extra sweetness makes it taste that much more like medicine.

So you just pour out a bit of your whiskey. Some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Which, here at Rye House, we put in the bottles for service. Your ratios don't really matter that much. I like to get it cloudy, you know. Just a little bit. So it's not too tart, not too sweet.

Use some honey. Honey, lemon, sugar, and in this case honey. Give it a little dry shake together. Just strictly optional. Just faster when I'm doing it during service. Pour it into a nice, insulated mug. Top it off with hot water. This water is actually very hot. Probably see it steaming. Give it a quick stir. Make sure it combines nicely. You can add a lemon wedge for a little extra flavor and a little extra zest.

And that, right there, yeah, that'll make your night. In fact, I remember the [inaudible 00:01:34] Day Blizzard was making Hot Toddies with 101 proof whiskey and handing it out like candy. Because everyone here was basically stuck. Caught the last train out of Brooklyn. And I tell you, waking up the next morning to come to work, not that much fun.

But a Hot Toddy made it a lot easier.

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