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8 Facts about Baby Development in Months 7 & 8

Learn how your infant should be developing in months seven and eight from pediatrician Dyan Hes, M.D. in this baby development Howcast video.


So during the seventh to eighth month period, parents don't see the
pediatrician unless their baby is sick. And what you can expect to happen
during seven and eight months is your baby's going to become much more
physical. Your baby's going to be sitting up around six months, so
between seven and eight months, the baby starts to get up on their knees
and kind of rock to try to crawl.

Sometimes they start scooching backwards first because they don't really know what they're doing. So they get up on their knees and start crawling backwards. Some babies
between seven and eight months start creeping, which is kind of like going commando on the floor. They put their arms in front of them and pull their body along and drag it before they can get up to crawl, so safety is a big issue.

What I recommend between six and eight months is that a parent get down and crawl on the floor. Whatever is at eye level for that baby, you either pad or move out of the way because your baby's going to start trying to explore the whole room. If there's, like, lint on the floor or dirt on the floor or small toys from siblings or pets, you want to get everything off the floor because your baby's before you turn your baby's going to be gone somewhere around the house and maybe put something in their mouth. Between seven and eight months, baby's going to be eating a little of more solids, they'll be exploring more tastes. At eight months you could introduce things like yogurt and little pieces of cheese that are soft for the baby to eat.

The baby's going to be communicating more. The baby's going to be trying to use their voice, squealing, doing raspberries, babbling. It's a really fun age, but safety is the main concern. So what I recommend is, between seven and eight months, you start baby proofing your home because between eight and nine months your baby might start pulling up. And when your baby's going to start pulling themselves up, you don't want anything to topple over. So you want to tether things to the walls. You want to move poisons and anything that's low like detergents, things like nail polish remover that might be in cabinets. You want to move that all up high.

So between seven and eight months is a really fun time, and safety is the most important issue between that time.

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