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11 Facts about Baby Development in Months 9 through 11

Learn how your infant should be developing from month nine through month eleven from pediatrician Dyan Hes, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Between nine to 11 months your baby's going to start to explore the orld a lot more, perhaps more than you want the baby to, so safety is always an issue. At nine months a baby is going to start to crawl. Of course, not all babies crawl at ninemonths but between nine and 11 months your baby should start to crawl, so you want to make sure the baby's safe in a room where they can't put anything in their mouth, where furniture is tethered to the wall and there are safety gates.

If you don't want your baby crawling to the kitchen to be able to pull up by the oven or get burned by the oven, put a gate in front of your kitchen. You want to make sure your apartment or your home has window guards, because often a baby tries too pull themselves up by the window sill. You never want on accident at the window. You have to make sure that toilet bowls are locked or the bathrooms are shut so that babies won't fall into the toilet bowls because they will try to climb in.

Never leave a bathtub unattended because a crawling baby or an exploring baby will try to get to the water because that's attractive to them. So drowning is a big fear and you want to make sure that baby has no access to bodies of water. Remember, a baby doesn't necessarily only drown in a pool or a beach. They can drown in a bucket filled of water if your mopping.

Between nine and 11 months your baby's going to babble a lot more and speak to your in a baby language which is very exciting and very fun. I do not recommend speaking baby talk back to your baby. I find that babies respond really well when we speak clearly to them and enunciate our words. I often seen parents only speak baby talk to their children, and I find that those babies actually mimic what their parents do so they also don't use words when they're getting older. They speak with more of an affect of a baby than a child. Babies love to be read to.

They like to be sung to. They like music at this age. They love to dance and bounce. Babies like to go in those bouncy excersaucers or bouncers. I don't recommend using a bouncer for more than 20 minutes at the time because it's not good for the baby's legs because they're like in a bow ed position and bouncing all the time, but using it 20 minutes when you want to take a shower or to leave the baby around some music
and in the excersaucer, that's fine.

Between nine and 11 months, baby's going to eat more solids and want to feed themselves, so you have to be really aware of choke foods, like no big chunks. Things like bread sticks or teething biscuits that babies often eat at ninemonths, you have to be careful because they start to have teeth and they often bite off a piece and then a huge chunk goes down and they can't swallow it. So just remember never leave your baby unattended between nine and 11 months whenever they're eating because food becomes really fun for them but they will shove everything into their mouths if they get excited and they could choke.

Between nine and 11 months your baby's trying to walk so you can encourage walking with some of those walking toys, push toys, and at 12 months, most babies will starts to initiate to walk.

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