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9 Facts about Baby Development in Months 12 through 15

Learn how your infant should be developing from month twelve through month fifteen from pediatrician Dyan Hes, M.D. in this Howcast video.


So during the 12 to 15 month period, your baby's going to start to
explore a lot more. Most babies start to walk between 12 to 15 months,
so you want to make sure that your home is baby proofed. You also want
to make sure that all sharp corners, like glass coffee tables, edges of
end tables, sharp corners on frames of beds, you want to make sure they
are all padded or covered up so the baby doesn't get banged into it. Like
their eye banging into the corner of the table, things like that.

So babies are going to start walking. They're going to explore their
surroundings. They're going to put things in their mouths. They're
very oral and they want to learn to eat and feed on their own. Babies
at this age when they are in the high chair they have most often been
eating their hands and putting things in their mouths, and you can start
introducing a small baby spoon and they can learn to feed themselves and
they really enjoy it. It's very fun.

Never leave a baby unattended during a feeding session because baby can choke. Babies put way too much food in their mouths often and often things like bread and biscuits and crackers, large pieces can break off and the baby can choke, so you
never want to leave a baby unattended.

At this age, you can give a baby whole milk or you can give a baby the breast milk. It could be pumped or the mom might still be nursing. We recommend whole milk until age two. Babies may also start drinking from a sippy cup between 12 a 15
months. I recommend that the parents check the sippy cup before they
give it to the baby. I know a lot of doctors fixate on weaning the baby
from the bottle by 15 months of age, but sometimes the sippy cups are so
hard to suck because they make them spill proof that you see the baby with their bottle and, you know, they're sucking for their life and no water or no
milk is coming out. So I always recommend that the parent check the sippy
cup and test it before giving it to the baby because it might be very
hard for them to get that fluid out and you wouldn't want the baby to be

Ideally, a baby should be weaned from the bottle between 15 to 18 months
of age. I also think it's a good time between this age if a baby has a
pacifier to wean the pacifier.

When the baby's starting to walk at 12 months, the baby can also look
for the pacifier and go and walk and get it. Throwing away a pacifier,
getting rid of a pacifier is a very emotional thing for parents, I
think even more so than for the children. And you might have one or two
rough nights of sleep when you throw away the pacifier but once it's
gone, most babies forget that they ever had it and they don't look for
it anymore. Whereas if you let the pacifier use continue until two or
three years of age, it's a much harder habit to break.

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