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How Much Infant Crying Is Normal?

Learn how to tell if your infant's crying is normal from pediatrician Dyan Hes, M.D. in this Howcast video about newborn and baby development.


So parent are always upset when their babies cry and that's a normal reaction. Especially with a new born. Moms are very hormonal especially immediately postpartum and when they hear a baby cry they're think the baby is suffering. So what I like to reinforce is that babies cry because that's how they communicate with us. They cry when they're wet, they cry when they want to be held, they cry when they're tired. It doesn't mean your baby's sick.

So how do you know when your baby's crying is abnormal? So when a baby can not be consoled, when you're holding the baby, stroking the baby, when you know the baby's changed, fed, burped already, and your baby's just screams continuously. And I'm talking not ten to fifteen minutes, I'm talking cries for, you know, 30 minutes or more, that might be a concern and then you can call your doctor.

But otherwise, baby crying is a normal part of growth. I always tell the parents, the babies don't die from the crying, we do. So, you know, you get used to it and it's most upsetting for new parents but you do get accustomed to what your own baby's own cry. You often know their pattern like, oh when my baby's over tired my baby's going to cry.

Crying is a late sign of hunger, so you often don't want to wait till you're baby's screaming and crying for food, but if you're baby is on a schedule you can preempt it and feed the baby if you know the feeding is coming up so your baby doesn't become hysterical before the feed.

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