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Are Baby Vaccines Safe?

Learn if baby vaccines are safe from pediatrician Dyan Hes, M.D. in this Howcast video about newborn and baby development.


Vaccines are 100 percent safe. In my practice I follow the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccination schedule, and all of my patients, 100 percent of them, are vaccinated on time. Vaccines protect children from infant mortality.

And a lot of the information out there on the Internet and in books is not science based evidence and might be one author's opinion and might be an anecdote that was not validated. And it causes mass hysteria in the world of parenting. There are a lot of people out there that have strong voices about being against vaccines, and they've done a huge disservice to the children of this country.

We're facing an epidemic now of pertussis, so I recommend that all your children be vaccinated on time and all parents and caretakers get the pertussis booster. It's available at your doctor's office, and if you can't get it at your doctor you can go to a pediatrician's office and get it. In addition, there is a measles outbreak in the United States, which we haven't seen for years, because of parents delaying or refusing vaccines.

I feel, as a doctor and a parent, that it would be unjust and unfair for me to have unvaccinated children in my practice. I have parents who have cancer or who are immunosuppressed for other health reasons. They are sitting in my waiting room. It would be unfair for me to let a child walk in my office and expose them to measles, or to pertussis, or another infectious disease that could've been prevented if they gave childhood vaccines.

Vaccines do not cause autism. All of that research has been debunked. It's a myth. It's hysteria. Honestly, we wish we knew what causes autism, but it is not the vaccines. Studies have been done over and over again repeatedly proving that vaccines do not cause autism. However, autism is a horrible diagnosis to give a parent, and a lot of parents are very angry and they want a reason why their child has something. But, as a pediatrician, I am telling my patients and the parents out there it is not from the vaccines, and the vaccines protect your child and enable them to live a long, healthy life without catching a communicable disease.

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