How to Understand Baby Development with Dyan Hes, M.D.

Learn about pediatrician Dyan Hes, M.D., one of Howcast's baby experts, in this video.


Hi my name is Diane Hess, and I am a board-certified pediatrician. My
practices in New York City. My practice is called Gramercy pediatrics, and
I am located right by Union Square. I see patients in from birth until
college-age. College and school age seems to be extending lately.

I go to see newborns in the hospital, and I do camp physicals, school physicals,
sick visits daily. I also specialize in childhood obesity so about 15% of
my time is spent seeing patients who already suffer from the consequences
of childhood obesity, and I also see kids in order to prevent childhood
obesity; Children who are at risk for childhood obesity.

I did my undergraduate studies in public health at Johns Hopkins University in
Baltimore Maryland, and I went to medical school at Sackler School of
medicine in the University Tel Aviv in Israel. I came back to the United
States and I did my residency in the Bronx at Montifil medical Center which
is part of the Albert Einstein School of medicine.

After my training I wanted to practice in Park slope Brooklyn where I should be
practiced for12 years. About a year ago I left the hospital setting and opened up my own
practice called Gramercy pediatrics in New York City. I enjoy teaching
medical students. I am assistant professor of pediatrics at Cornell, and I
work at both Cornell, Weill Cornell medical Center and New York Methodist
Hospital in Park slope.

I teach the medical students and resident's pediatric obesity and basic pediatrics.
My researches focus on pediatric obesity in addition. I live in New York City.
I have two children one is almost 9 and one is almost 6. We are a very adventurous family.
We love to travel we learn a lot about pediatrics from my children and their friends.
If you want to stop by my practice just take a look at my website

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