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Where Is Medical Marijuana Legal in the United States?

Learn where medical marijuana is legal in the United States in this Howcast video.


Medical cannabis is legal in 17 states and in the District of Columbia. And actually this year 12 other states have had legislation that have been looking into making it legal for their residents. And even a few states have initiatives that they're working on to make it legal as well.

So, if you find yourself not in one of the states that has medical cannabis laws just keep involved because next year you could be.
All of these laws are there because of patient advocates.

So, if you want your state to have a medical cannabis law you should get involved right away. And there's activists all over the country that are working hard that could definitely use your help.

Now, if you are in a state one of the 17 states that have medical cannabis laws you should definitely look at our website There's a little picture of the country. Just click on there and find your state and we'll walk you through all the steps of becoming a legal patient.

But everyone should understand as a patient that these laws are changing sometimes a few times a month. And so if you want to make sure that you are staying within the parameters of the law of your state stay tuned in.

And also note that because it's a very politically motivated issue sometimes our opposition wants to pass resolutions and laws to try to roll that back. And so if you want to keep the access you have you're also going to have to stay involved.

Now, if you are one of the states what I recommend is sort of a check list to figure out if you're in one of these states how you can become a legal medical cannabis patient.

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