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Who Should Not Use Medical Marijuana

Learn who should not use medical marijuana in this Howcast video.


Medicinal marijuana programs aren't really for everybody and specifically if you have some condition that could get worse with the use of marijuana, where the risks would outweigh the benefits, you really shouldn't be using that treatment. That's true for any treatment. In some cases we know that patient's with preexisting psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia who have a strong family history of mental illness, they might have bad reactions to marijuana. And not to say that they shouldn't use but they should be very carefully monitored.

In some cases it would be absolutely contraindicated if they have a severe allergy to the pollen in marijuana or to any of the compounds in marijuana, if it interferes with some essential other type of therapy that they need. In some states the transplant candidates that are waiting for organ transplants, they are disqualified if they have marijuana in their system and unfortunately end up not having a transplant and ultimately die and that's a very severe consequence.

And so you really have to bring that up to doctors and maybe stay off of it even if it's helping you so that you can get an organ and that's an unfortunate situation. The main issue here is that there's a conflict here between the federal and the state law when it comes to the recognition of marijuana as a medicine. And so if you can't handle living in that conflicted space, if it's the risk you take, then it's probably not right for you at this time. However if you find out that the benefits do outweigh the risks it might be right for you.

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