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How to Cut Top Hair for Forward Motion

Learn how to cut top hair to give it forward motion from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So I'm going to show you this morning how to cut your man's hair into a forward motion. What you're going to need to do for that, first of all, make sure that you wet the hair down thoroughly. It's much better to get a directional haircut on wet hair. I do use dry hair techniques also but not when I'm trying to define the shape. And we're going to start.

Anytime you want the hair to move into a forward motion, the idea is that you over direct all the sections back. So quite simply, on Chris's hair I'm going to take a section across the top. I'm going to lift 90 degrees from the head. So if I turn you around to the front you'll see that my fingers are just literally straight across. If I show you from the side profile, because what we're going to be doing is bringing everything back. So again, take your section very straight and very clean, no more than half an inch wide also the sections. And this is going to be your shortest point if we want the hair to move forward. Okay? So we're starting with the shortest point in here. I'm actually going to go a little bit shorter right there. Second section parallel to your first.

Once you've started with your first section everything is a continuation of that. So you're taking a parallel section, lifting straight up, and watch this, so you're literally, you are over directing back. So my first section was at 90 degrees but from there on everything is going to come back towards the first section. Because what that's going to give us is that forward movement that we're trying to describe in this particular haircut. So I'm over directing back. Again next section parallel too. Everything is just a mirror image of that first section that I cut.

So if I were to pick this, just to show you now how this works. Can you see how everything is cut on an angle? So this is shorter and it's coming longer. And that's simply because you're over directing the sections back. So in effect, well now just sort of show you how things work, you see how this is now going on an angle? So you have shorter towards the back and longer towards the front. Gives the hair a forward moving direction.

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