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How to Cut Your Guy's Hair

Learn how to cut your guy's hair from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


This video is going to be how to cut your man's hair. There are a few tips I just want to relay.

Most importantly, always on a men's haircut, try to keep it square. The way you can do that is to start by cutting the top very square and making a corner from the side. So you're working at a right angle to the head.

With a squarer shape, it's just a much more masculine shape. So then I'll show you this. Literally, I'm taking off the corner, keeping it square.

Next tip is in the temple area, always go in quite tight through there. Don't leave any bulk in there, because again, that's going to give it a more rounded feeling.

Another tip I'm going to give you is texturizing so that the man's haircut can be loose with lots of movement. It doesn't have to be perfect at all. Literally, picking up the hair and just going through and taking weight out so that you have a lot of loose movement. It's not supposed to look perfect.

That's pretty much how you can cut your man's hair.

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