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How to Cut Hair Short

Learn how to cut hair short from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


This video is going to show you how to cut hair short. I've switched from straight blade scissors and I'm actually using what we call thinning scissors. The perforated edges of this blade are going to make it a lot easier to cut your man's hair short in a safe and risk-free way.

So I'm going to use my scissor and comb on a top of one another. This is called scissor over comb technique. You just literally move the comb up the side of the head and the scissors in this movement. You're just constantly doing that. If you use the thinning scissors what that does is it gives variations on the lengths of the hair. So it goes where you can take it nice and short with still creating a bunch of texture in the hair. You can move around the head doing the same thing.

You see the profile. You can see by the shading of the hair. Comb in scissors over the comb and work right up the head to create a nice short very natural look to the man's haircut.

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