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How to Cut Boys' Hair

Learn how to cut boys' hair from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


This video is going to talk about how to cut boys' hair. A great way to cut boys' hair is actually with a razor so I'm going to talk a little bit about that. The hair must be wet when you're using a razor. This is a straight blade with these little notches on the edge.

Literally, what I'll do is take a section through the front, working at an angle and you're taking the weight out of the hair shaft like that. So if you're working through the top of the hair and literally just taking the weight out all the way through, what that does is it takes the weight away from the hair. It makes it really easy to manage, gives it versatility.

The kids these days are wanting to wear their hair very long and messy, so using a razor for that is a great way to go. If the boy needs to have something for school, which is a little more conservative and a little more sort of practical, you can take the weight out and have just a really easy smooth style like that.

But because we've taken the weight out, what we can do is when he's out of school you can literally go completely the opposite direction, have something that's a little bit more fashion forward. That's kind of how to cut boys' hair.

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