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How to Texturize Hair Using Scissors

Learn how to texturize hair using scissors from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So, this shows how to texturize hair using scissors.

I'm going to lift a section of hair through the top. And just notice the hair is not fully wet. It's damp. It's been allowed to dry off a little bit.

And the idea being that you're coming in through the middle shaft of the hair and pointing through like so.

Now, I go up a slightly higher level. And I'm what I'm doing is I'm just taking pieces out of the hair shaft which will change the current texture of the hair and put a lot more detail in there.

So, what that gives you is volume and texture and lots of movement.

You can also using the same technique as we've done in the front you could also swing this around and do the exact same thing in the back.

I've taken a circular section around the crown and I've gone about half way through to create texture in this area which traditionally goes very flat. You would take a section, lift that up, straight up, come in and again just start taking little pieces of hair from the area like so.

And these shorter areas that we've texturized will give a lot more lift and volume and movement in the crown area.

That's how to texturize hair using scissors.

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