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How to Do Advanced Texturing in a Hair Cut

Learn how to do advanced texturing from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


I have some tips on advanced texturizing when you're cutting hair. Texturizing hair can be many different things. You can texturize in the root area. So let's talk about that. In the root area, you get more volume. Instead of just pointing gently, what you can actually do is twist the hair and very gently, never closing your scissors, but simply sliding the way up the shaft, you can literally just get a little bit of texture in at the root by twisting the hair.

So one more time on this side. Get a piece of hair. Twist it, hold straight up, and just very gently work up the hair shaft, never closing the scissors because if you close the scissors, they hair is gone. So we are not wanting to do that. We simply want to texturize. So that's a way to get in at the root.

Some people want the ends of the hair to be more wispy. In a case like that, you wouldn't necessarily texturize in towards the scalp, but you'd actually come towards the end. You do what we call slide cutting. You grab a piece of hair and literally slide down the shaft. What that does is make the ends of the hair nice and sort of whimsical and wispy and light. That's the difference. So again, from the root, short, slide down towards the end. Some tips on advanced texturizing.

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