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How to Handle Cowlicks when Cutting Hair

Learn how to handle cowlicks when cutting hair from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Dealing with cowlicks when you're cutting hair can be quite tricky.

There's a few tips. The cowlick is never going to go away. It's never going to change. It's always going to be there. So when you're cutting hair and you're dealing with that, you have to let that be in charge.

How I do that, one of the most important things is not to use too much tension. Because I think a lot of us have seen that when you've cut someone's bangs, and you've pulled the tension very tight. Then lo and behold, when it's dry and the cowlick gets to work, you have a big hole where that is.

To get around that, what I do is I use very, very little tension in that area. Very little tension. I'm not pulling at all, and I'm literally just going ahead and just working it really, really gently. So that when this is dry, it's not going to lift up too much. You notice the hair is almost dry, which is preferable when you're cutting around a cowlick.

This technique is the same wherever the cowlick is. Many times it's in the front, but often it's around the crown. A lot of people also have a double crown. So anywhere where you see weird movement or bumps and lumps in the hair, the main rule is do not pull the hair tight. Instead just really, really use loose tension, and cut that way. That's really how to deal with cowlicks when you're cutting hair.

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