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How to Texturize Bangs

Learn how to texturize bangs from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


How to texturize bangs.

Once you have a clean, straight line and you've maintained the weight, what you can do at that point is literally lift the entire section, bring it forward, and come in at a diagonal angle and just point cut into the edges of the hair. This is not layering bangs; this is texturizing bangs, and the final result will give you something that is a little more worn, a little more natural, not quite so straight, and a little more diffused. So, lift straight from the head, go in at the diagonal, point cut just the edges, no more, let that fall, and you see you have just a really pretty, soft, broken-up area. That's how you texturize bangs.

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