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How to Cut Hair w/ Scissors, Shears, or Razors

Learn the basics of how to cut hair with scissors, shears, and razors from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.



An overview of hair cutting using scissors, a razor and shears.

Bear in mind when you're cutting hair with scissors, you're going to get a clean, more classic blunt edge and finish to the haircut. When you're using a razor, you're going to get a very weightless, diffused, a little more short long lengths all married together for a very textured look.

When you're using thinning shears, what you're going to get is a very defined long-and-short, long-and-short, long-and-short. That in itself is very good for thinning thick hair as long as you do not use that close to the root. If you use the thinning shears close to the root, what's going to happen is the hair will expand.

So in a nutshell, scissors are for clean, classic lines. A razor is for textured, a little bit messy, and actually creates some volume. The thinning shears are to reduce a lot of the weight.

That's an overview of cutting hair with thinning scissors, razor and scissors.


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