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How to Shampoo & Condition Hair before a Haircut

Learn how to shampoo and condition hair before a haircut from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


How to shampoo and condition hair before cutting.

Wet the hair down with lukewarm water, it's better not to use the water too hot. So lukewarm water, wet the hair thoroughly. Use a dime-size shampoo in your hand, move it through the hands, emulsify the product, then start working it from the root, through the middle to the ends. Massage it in a circular motion, being very careful not to be too stringent with the scrubbing of the scalp, because you don't want to inflame the scalp in anyway. So just a gentle circular motion would suffice. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat that depending, on how dirty their hair is to begin with.

Conditioning, also very important because the hair really needs the moisture from the conditioner 95% of the time. When you condition the hair, depending on the scalp, you may or may not want to put the conditioner right on the scalp. Often it's enough to just put it an inch or two down and through the ends of the hair. Get a wide tooth comb and comb the conditioner through while wet. Rinse thoroughly, again with lukewarm water for best results. And that's how you shampoo and condition the hair before cutting.

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