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How to Play 2 Fret Bends on Guitar Strings 4-6

Let musician Alex Skolnick teach you how to play two fret bends on strings 4 - 6 on guitar in this heavy metal guitar lesson from Howcast.


OK. When you bend the first three strings you always want to bend towards the top of the neck. It's a litle different when you bend strings four through six. When I bend those strings I try to bend towards this part of the neck, the bottom. You do have the option, but I think it's better to go this way.

Here's a two fret bend on string four. Alright. So it's a big stretch, but I'm bending from this note to this note.

Here's another one. If I bend from this note to this note, these take us out of the pentatonic position, but they're still part of the same scale.

OK. If I bend from this note, D to E, I get this. If I bend from this note to this note, I get this.

So, there are a lot of variations you can do on all strings combining these two fret bends with releasing and pulling off. So, if I release this bend and pull it off, I get that. If I do the same thing on the third string, I get that.

Here are a couple more examples of taking a two fret bend, releasing it, and pulling off.

Those are some really cool ways to play around with two fret bends.

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