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How to Play Rhythmic Patterns on Heavy Metal Guitar

Let musician Alex Skolnick teach you how to play rhythmic patterns on guitar in this heavy metal guitar lesson from Howcast.


Rythmic patterns. Rhythmic patterns is a very broad subject, but I'd like to talk about a couple important examples in metal guitar playing. And one of them is the gallop. So, a gallop is exactly what it sounds like, kind of, like a horse, right. Okay, so for that, I'm pressing down. I'm doing a down stroke, two down strokes in a row, up stroke, then another down stroke. Okay? I might alternate that with a chord.

I might do variations on the gallop. There's also the thrash speed picking, where you just pick the low string repeatedly. And just like with the gallop, you can alternate that with the chords. So, say, you do something like this. Another option is throwing in single notes. So, I might throw in a couple notes here, D to E.

And, this is actually a pattern that combines what we just looked at. It combines the gallop and the thrash rhythm. So it might sound like this. Okay? I threw in some chords at the end of that. If I combine the single notes with a thrash rhythm, I have a lot of possibilities. And I can even move the single notes up and down the neck. So, those are just a few possibilities for rhythmic patterns.

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