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How to Play Pedal Notes on Heavy Metal Guitar

Let musician Alex Skolnick teach you how to play pedal notes on guitar in this heavy metal guitar lesson from Howcast.


All right, lest's talk about the concept of pedal notes. So anytime you have pedal notes you have some notes that are being traded off with either cord or other notes. I have a bunch of other lessons here about metal rhythm guitar which cover this topic but in terms of pedal notes it connects in the sense that you have a low E strings, and you trade off with that low E string, if it's a cords or single notes. So here's a quick example of pedal notes as a applied to a metal rhythms.

All right, so I'm always trading off with that low string. All right, so now let's do the complete opposite now. Let's take the high E string and look at trading off with that, one thing I can do is single notes, so I can just pick, that E string, just like I did that low string for the rhythm. And then I use my index finger and just play single notes straight. I can also do two notes at a time, notes that are next to each other. So for example, if I a do pentatonic notes, right, pentatonic scale is this.

Right, five notes, if I play that on the high E strings I get. Right, so I can play around by combining pentanonic notes and doing a pedal. All right, so I'm gonna take this a step further now, instead of notes that are right next to each other I'm gonna play the next notes, so this notes here, give you a little bit of a stretch, I'm playing at the third fret and the seventh fret. All right, I'm just moving that pattern up, up and down to different scale patterns. In the testament to the new order for the intro I do it like like this. So check that up. I'm gonna, after, I'm gonna go to the B string and do the same thing. So here you go, pedals on high E string and B string. So there you go, a quick little example of pedals, have fun using pedals and I a hope you enjoys this lesson.

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