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How to Do Right Hand Fretting on Heavy Metal Guitar

Let musician Alex Skolnick teach you how to do right hand fretting in this heavy metal guitar lesson from Howcast.


For this lesson, I'd like to focus on right hand fretting. I've looked at a couple other two-handed licks in the other Howcast videos. For this lesson, I want to focus specifically on a lick where you're playing multiple notes on one string.

So I'm on the E string, the first string. I'm going to tap with this hand 7th fret, 12th fret. So then the right hand fretting happens here. Alright? So when I get to the top, I'm pulling the note off to get back to the 12th fret. Alright? So when I do that at full volume and full speed it sounds like this.

And now to give it some variety, I'm going to move the right hand around. So what you just heard was on the 15th fret, but I'm actually going to move to the 14th fret, back to the 15th fret, up to the 17th fret. Check it out. Alright?

Now, the right hand fretting is busy. Alright? So I can't really do much more with that except keep moving it. But if I keep that pattern going with the right hand, I can then move my left hand index finger and that changes it up a little bit. Check it out.

Like all other fast licks, remember to start out by going slow. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson on right hand fretting.

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