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How to Do 2 Techniques with Two-Hand Tapping on Guitar

Let musician Alex Skolnick teach you how to do two-hand tapping in this heavy metal guitar lesson from Howcast, part two of two.


Another type of tapping that was also popularized by Van Halen was harmonic tapping. With this type of tapping you take any chord, go 12 frets higher. So, for example, here I am. Here's an E minor chord. 12 frets higher, I have the same notes up here. Now, if I just move to the right of each note and tap over the metal part of the fret while I'm fingering the chord I get this pretty cool pattern. Check it out.

So all I'm doing is taking this finger, the middle finger, and tapping 12 frets higher from whatever note I'm playing on the metal part of the fret. Okay? One more lick involving two handed tapping. Let's take one string. Let's take the first string. Let's tap with the right hand at the 12th fret. Let's get the open string. Alright? So we're hammering on and pulling off with the right hand finger, but in between let's play at the 5th fret and the 7th. Alright? That's a nice little pattern. I can play that on any string.

That's it! I hope you've enjoyed this lesson two handed tapping.

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