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Is Baldness Hereditary?

Find out if baldness is hereditary from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


The most common form of baldness for both men and women is genetic and hereditary. People ask all the time, "Does it come from my mother's side, from my father's side?"

Well, the answer is it can come from both. There are some sex links to the female side for hair loss on the recessive gene. However, it can also come from the male side. Not only can hair loss come from the mothers and father side, it can also skip generations. Often people who have the genes or at least in their family have male and female pattern hair loss, are really concerned about if its going to happen to them, is it going to effect them? Will they have the hair loss as well?

Well, today we have a simple task that can be very effective. It's a genetic swab actually made by Hair DX. It's actually a little swab that you take, it's a cotton swab, and you put in the inside of the mouth then we send it off to the lab and it can give us a probability of whether or not you are more likely to have severe hair loss or not. So, pretty much we want to find out if you got any male or female pattern hair loss in your family, but even if you don't, it doesn't mean that you'll be safe.

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