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How to Regrow a Hairline

Learn how to regrow a hairline from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


There are several treatments for regrowing a hairline or to be more specific for regrowing hair that is thinning or balding. There are several FDA-approved medications that can be used, one of which is Minoxidil which is a topical preparation that can be used for both men and women and is often applied twice a day to the scalp. It often is most effective in the back area of the head or the crown. The second medical therapy is Finasteride more commonly known as Propecia; this can only be taken by men; it's a pill that you use once daily and it, too, seems to be more effective for regrowing some hair on the back part of the head. Most of the time in clinical practice we see that these products halt the hair loss, and that's still a positive thing since the hair loss that's genetically inclined is progressive and gets worse over time. Sometimes we get regrowth and it thickens the hair. The most effective treatment for regrowing hair is actually to transfer hair -- to move hair from the back which is not programmed to continue to bald and we move that hair to the front and top where the areas are thinning and that's the natural solution. There are also some therapy treatments with low-level light therapy, laser therapy, in the form of a comb as well as a cap. This can be helpful in conjunction with transplant therapy or the medical therapy as well.

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