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What Is a Body-to-Hair Transplant?

Learn about body-to-hair transplants from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


People often ask what do i do if i don't have hair on the back of my head to donate. Does that mean i just can't have a hair transplant? They often say i got a ton of body hair what about that. The best location for taking hair other than the scalp is in the beard. You can often harvest it under neath the beard and the neck along here without seeing any visible scars you can remove it either in a strip we actually make lips and suture that area together or you can remove it one method at a time that's the flicker unit extraction method, and these hairs grow pretty well when transferred on to the scalp and can actually get over time get more like scalp hair. When it comes to body hair while there are a couple of doctors that do it i am not a big fan personally of it you have to remove the you know the body hair one at a time from the chest or from the back and its a curlier texture it certainly not as dense as the hair on the back of the head and so i think the results are not quiet as good as but it can be used as background middles parts of the scalp if you really feel that you have to get some more volume in that area. But again i am not such a big fan of body transplants but i think that facial transplants of beard hair to the scalp is a viable option.

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