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Who Is a Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

Find out who is a good candidate for a hair transplant from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


People often ask: Am I candidate for a hair transplant? Well, interestingly enough, you can have the same amount of hair loss on a patient, look at the exact same picture, and one patient is a good candidate and the other is not. You may ask why? Well, it all has to do with expectations. If you have the appropriate expectations that are realistic, and understand what a hair transplant can and can't do, than you can be a good candidate. If you have unrealistic expectations, for example if you want a thicker or fuller head of hair than you've ever had or want to look like you're 18 when you're 45, it's just not going to happen. In addition to having the appropriate expectations, you have to have the right raw materials to do a hair transplant. For example, we take the hair from the back of the head and than we transfer it to the front. Well, if this hair isn't thick and healthy and there's just not enough of it to meet the expectations or to move it to the front, you are not going to be a good candidate. If your hair loss is very unstable and it's continuing to shed or we're not sure of the cause of your hair loss, you may not be a good candidate at this time. So it's important to keep in mind not only how much hair loss you have and what you've got in raw materials, but you also need to know where you are going to end up, what's your stage of baldness over time going to be, and that means the doctor has got to take a reasonable approach and be somewhat conservative if you're starting very young.

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