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What to Expect after Hair Transplant Surgery

Learn what to expect after hair transplant surgery from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


The hardest part about hair restoration surgery for a patient is immediately after the transplant. Because you've had the procedure and you put the little grafts in which are typically very short because we shaved the area. Typically very short and small. And those hairs would often fall out after about a week or fourteen days and you are left with the way you were before you had the surgery. And that's the time where people get buyers' remorse and think, oh my god! What did I do? I spent this money and now I have no hair. Fortunately the hair will grow, but it takes time. Its approximately three to four months before the hair starts to pop up and grow through the scalp. So it's those bulbs that's been transplanted, that will take root and actually grow new hair and continue the cycle and grow. So that waiting period is the most difficult time. But people often see the results from four or five months to ten months. That's when most of the growth occurs. The hair begins at about three or four months and it grows about a quarter of an inch a month.

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