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How Long until Transplanted Hair Grows In?

Find out how long it takes for transplanted hair to grow from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


Patients who have a hair transplant often ask, "How long is it before my hair will grow?" Well, that's the tough thing for patients because most people who opt for a transplant want that immediate gratification.

Unfortunately, it's just not the case. We transplant the hairs very, very small and short and they all fall out in about a week or two. Then, they'll begin to grow in about three or four months.

At three to four months they'll start growing at a quarter if an inch to a half an inch a month, so you'll see the majority of your change occur from five months to ten months.

The hair can continue to continue to grow and improve for up to 15 or 19 months. Then it's permanent and the hair will cycle, just like your normal hair.

But keep in mind, that period from about two weeks to four months is extremely tough. Because there's no hair growing out and that's when people fret and start to think, "Oh my gosh! What did I do?" They get buyer's remorse or they get concerned that it's just not going to work.

But if you went to a reputable hair transplant surgeon, rest assured, your hair will grow and you'll be extremely happy that you did the procedure.

So keep the faith and you'll get your hair.

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