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Can Hair Transplants Grow on Scarred or Burned Skin?

Learn about hair transplant growth on scarred or burned skin from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


Patients with scar tissue or burned areas are often disappointed when we talk about hair transplant surgery, because they've often been told that it just doesn't work. Even doctors have told patients that you can't grow hair through scar tissue. It's just not true. The hair transplants grow extremely well in scar tissue and burn tissue alike. It's just important that you go to a reputable transplant surgeon who knows what they're doing.

People think they don't have any blood supply in that area. Well, if you cut that area, it definitely will bleed. So, hairs will take and they will grow, and we've done it many, many, many times. Some of the differences are it's not quite as good as growing through virgin tissue, or tissue that's not burned or scarred, but it will definitely grow. Often, you'll need two procedures in a given zone; however, you'll get the results that you want. So don't fret. It works.

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