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How to Treat Scars from Old Hair Transplants

Find out how to treat scars from old hair transplants from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


A common question that we get asked is how to treat the scars from old hair transplants. Often, you have plugs back there. They were taken by scoping donor, so it was the FUE technique, only on a very large scale. So you see these bullet holes or gun shots speckles in the back of someone's head. You can treat that by doing a scar reduction, where, what we actually do is cut out the bullet holes or scar tissue that's there, and actually sew that area together. Then, we're able to use the hairs that are in between.

Another thing, is if you have multiple scars from the strip method, you can go back in and do a scar revision, where we actually cut out several of the scars with these new techniques that we've developed to reduce that scar, and to make it a much smaller line.

Finally, another thing that we could do is, once we have that linear scar as small as possible, we can actually do the FUE procedure where we remove one follicle at a time, and then put it into the scar to break up that linear appearance. This seems to be a very viable option, as well. These are the ways that we correct it with surgery.

We can also tattoo the area where we can put linear tattoos, little stippling or dashes that represent hair, in that area. This works well for a while, but you have to keep in mind that it may fade over time. You have to keep it up with the color changes in your hair, but tattooing is an option as well. These are the methods for dealing with scars in the back of the head, after transplant.

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