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Can You Transplant Hair into Facelift & Brow Lift Scars?

Learn about transplants into facelift and brow lift scars from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


People say to me all the time I've had a cosmetic procedure on my face or on my scalp and I've been left with a scar; is there anything I can do about it? Happily, transplants work through scar tissue. They'll grow if you've had a face lift scar, brow lift scar, or other cosmetic procedure. Often, after a plastic procedure on the face or scalp, there's hair loss that occurs. Sometimes that hair loss is temporary. But sometimes it's permanent and often if there's a scar, the scar can be a little bit wider and then it causes a negative effect of having the face lift or brow lift to begin with. What we do is we can transplant hairs into that scar and they'll do very well. Part of the difference is that it's not as good as transplanting into virgin tissue on the scalp so you may need a second procedure to get the desired density and results that you're looking for.

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