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Pros & Cons of Hair Plugs

Learn about the pros and cons of hair plugs from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


When I hear the term hair plugs I kind of cringe because it's really the old technology. It's important for people to know that hair transplants today are not what your father or grandfather might have had years ago. So there is no cornrows there is no baby doll hair. These are flickery units that are extremely natural. The positive thing is we can correct the old hair plugs. We can actually remove some of them or we can transplant around them with new flickery units to make them look more natural. If for example the hairline is high enough and looks natural then we can create more density by going in between those areas by putting smaller graphs in front of the hairline. The positive thing from the historical standpoint is that these plugs grew hair. The negative thing is they just look really really bad. But that has led us to what we have today, very natural looking hair transplant surgery that people can't tell. I also often get told that my best work goes unnoticed and for me that's a compliment.

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