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How to Correct Bad Hair Plugs

Learn how to correct bad hair plugs from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


Bad hair plugs are proof that hair transplants are permanent because believe me if they weren't you wouldn't see people walking around with dolls hair or the plugs. However, there's good news for people who have had their hair transplants done many, many years ago. We can often correct that. We can soften the plug look and make it look much more natural. For people who have had bad plugs in the past there's a couple techniques we can do. One is we can take some of the old plugs out and then transplant around the area. Or we can leave those plugs in if for example the hairline is high enough and looks natural. Then we can create more density by going in between those areas and soften the hairline by putting smaller graphs of one and two hair units in front of the hairline. If you've got bad transplants or older techniques, go in and see a hair transplant specialist and get that corrected. There's no reason for you to go around with people being able to identify that you've had a procedure because today's techniques are so good, no one should really know.

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