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What Vitamins Promote Hair Growth?

Learn about vitamins for hair growth from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


People ask all the time what vitamin can I take for my hair. Well, if you have a good healthy diet you often don't need to have anything. You want to make sure that your drinking a lot water because its very good for your hair and your diet to consists of green leafy vegetables. If you are going to use supplement its important to use something that's natural. Most of the time patients are seeking B vitamins because they are good for skin, hair and nails. What are the vitamins that we like to use are supplements we like is that the scalp professional. That the scalp professional has the appropriate B vitamins or biotin as well as some vitamin C and lot of keratin or protein which were used this building block to the hair. All this things can be found over the corner and are natural and can be healthy. So keep that in mind along with the healthy diet and get your hair back of quickly

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