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Can a Laser Comb Regrow Hair?

Find out if a laser comb can regrow hair from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


All of these laser devices seem to work the same way. They convert the ADP to ATP, which is basically the energy action of the hair cell and allows it to function better. It also increases blood supply and flow to the area, while decreasing some of the inflammatory effects that can take place and cause the hair to fall out. It comes in the form of several things. One, is a laser comb. The comb is used over the top of the head or through the hair on a thirty to forty minute basis every other day. It can be effective in thickening the hair and getting the hair healthier. In addition to the laser comb, there is a laser cap which often is easier to use. Patients simply put this cap on their head and they can go about their activities. They use it for about twenty to thirty minutes every other day. They can often go to the doctor's office and get a clinical laser treatment, which sometimes is inconvenient but is very effective and they get the added advantage of having a doctor evaluate their condition and follow their progress.

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