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What Is Seasonal Hair Shedding?

Find out about seasonal hair shedding from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


The interesting phenomena that occurs is a season of shedding and it has to do with the amount of light that is involved with the day a the during the specific months. And patient were often tell us that their hair look fallen and thicker just a few months ago and now looks thin again. Well, sometimes the only cause is that is the seasonal shedding that occurs. People may find that in spring and in the fall that the shedding is twice as much as normal. Keep in mind that this will be worst itself and get back to normal hair. Really natural why this is, some scientist say that it is related to changes in hormone levels particularly with the test strum and other say its related more to the man of exposure of daylight or sunlight. Its important to keep in mind that seasonal shedding is natural and reverse itself

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