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Stem Cell Research & Hair Growth

Learn about stem cell research for hair growth from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


Stem cell technology with hair restoration is an extremely hot topic. There's a lot of companies doing work trying to see if they can solve the mystery of cloning or hair multiplication. However, nothing's available today currently on the market. It's an interesting field and it's definitely going to be the future. Unfortunately there's not a lot that's available today for the patient or consumer.

I personally have been involved with a company called Histogen. Histogen's hair stimulating complex is currently being evaluated as an injectable for hair growth. Hair stimulating complex has shown to increase the hair thickness density. It does this in three ways: it increases the total hair counts, it increases the number of terminal or strong hairs as well as increases the hair shaft thickness and diameter.

There are several other companies who are also working with stem cells or multiplication or cloning with regard to hair and they're all at various stages of development. But nothing is available currently on the market. But stay tuned and you can follow this information on our website at

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